Friday, April 1, 2011

Baltimore Museum of Art

I went to visit the Baltimore Museum of Art with my parents during a short stay with them.  We especially enjoyed the 'Cone Collection'.  Two Baltimore ladies, the Cone sisters, collected more than 3000 art objects, visited the studios of Matisse and Picasso, etc. and brought it all back to their apartment in Baltimore.  You even get to walk thru the 'virtual' apartment.  I truly enjoyed seeing the work of Matisse over his life span, how he evolved from realism to lively, colorful, pattern-full work.
 The museum also has a vast collection of American furniture, china and silver, Indian and Oceanic art, a contemporary photo exhibit.....and a wonderful restaurant with YUMMY Oyster stew.  It made me so homesick for my Annapolis childhood.

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