Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rainbowpillars by Libby
Here is a wee illustration I made for fun years ago - hope it cheers your day.  I like to play on the computer at times, between paintings, using a stylus and wacom pad.  It is so easy to create, erase and recreate!  Sometimes, I look up and the hours have flown by without me 'accomplishing' much.  I should be doing marketing, painting, managing the house/garden/kids, etc...but I so enjoy making art.

I truly enjoyed teaching a workshop recently at the new Yellow Springs Arts Coucil space.  I had 12 participants and am leaning towards teaching again in the fall, after the kids are settled back in school.  I need to get to work on the plan now however, to secure space and get the word out.  I need to find a picture from the workshop to post. 
ttfn   Libby

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

'Exuberance' Show - paintings, quilts, workshops and more...

The show is doing well.  It will be up through Saturday, July 14.  I teach a workshop from 2-3p this coming saturday, June 23, from 2-3p on 'Watercolor Sketches'.  We'll have fun!

I checked out one of the members' blog and saw this bit of news....How awesome that Pam has quilts spread far and wide - in 6 shows?! 
  Two of them are in the Exuberance Show at the YS Arts Council space with our group, the Monday Morning Artists.  See Pam's stuff at For Quilts Sake

Here is a picture of the group - Y.S. Woodwind Quintet - that played at our opening. They performed beautiful music, despite the weather being in the mid-90s. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Exuberance Show Opening tonight! 6-9p - come on down

Here's a little sketch I did of the YS Arts Council space where I've been laboring to put together a group show with fellow artists.  We've got it up beautifully, YSAC has been very supportive and loads of good nosh is coming to fill our tables for the opening too! 

Come enjoy an air-conditioned space - and lots of wonderful artwork.

 PS - I'm teaching a 'Watercolor Sketching' workshop on Saturday, June 23 from 2-3pm   - $10 pp     sign up tonight!

xox, Libby