Monday, August 6, 2012

Maine Seacoast Inspiration

Maine coast offers too much beauty at every turn...  We visited in Boothbay Harbor on Mt Desert Island.  We loved the biking in Acadia, the Beehive hike up the rocks and the 'Sand Beach'.  We also travelled down to Northeast Harbor, Southwest Harbor and various other sweet spots.  Everywhere I went, I was feeling the ache to paint but mostly just sketched and took photos.

  While there, we heard about a wedding that took place last night. Lionel Ritchie was engaged to play, @400K an hour. I'm in the wrong line of work!  

Here is the mesmerizing sparkle of the water ...

 Here is a peek at Pemaquid Lighthouse that we visited on our way down....flag is half staff because of the Aurora horror.

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