Monday, January 7, 2013

creating together inspires

Monday Morning Artists

viewing a Chihuli exhibit...
I met today with artist friends to work on our respective projects - about 10 gathered.  I played with my chinese inks and rice paper - painted a nude and a friend's face.   As I looked around the table, I saw such a variety of beautiful souls - knitting, painting in watercolors, pastels, colored pencils, oil paints, one organized bits and pieces of photos that inspire into a notebook - we all talked of art and life.  My friend Moira came simply because I saw a wonderful knitting she posted on facebook - I texted to come on down to our gathering.  sweet

Most happily, one of the artists has wall that she will loan me for an upcoming show!  I hope that I can give her something she will appreciate, in gratitude.

The world is giving, yet it takes away as well...carry on
and expect joy around the corner.

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