Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring WILL come, blossoms and all...

I recently brought out a painting that had been hiding in my portfolio case, perhaps hibernating?  This has been a long grey winter...The painting pulled on my heartstrings - asking to re-bloom anew in a frame.  Since I was about to participate in a art show, I decided to frame it up.  I hung it along with many other pieces, fabric birds that I've created, cards etc.  The show was fun, lots of beautiful work and friends were exhibiting also so - rather enjoyable.  However - I had no sales...not even a card!
Blossoms - 16x20  watercolor
Late in the day (it was only a 3 hour show : ), a friend looked at this painting and claimed it for her own.  It was my one and only sale for the day and yet it made the show worthwhile!  Thank you my friend.  Thank you little blossoms for inspiring the painting that gave me income to go get more art supplies!  and thus the cycle continues...

winter to spring, dormancy to bloom.............sales to new supplies!

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