Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fred Graff Workshop and farewell to Honey Biz

almost finished painting - 'Blooms in the Sun'
The Winds show is up through May 2014!  I will be swapping out paintings occasionally as they sell or when I finish one I'd like to share.  The piece above is now the Fairborn Art Association show, hanging through May 19.

I'm working on new pieces- mostly drawing from my archives of photos...Last night, I 'surrendered' the painting "Honey Biz" to it's new owner.  I know he will treasure it but I miss it already.  He bought it on layaway - a monthly payment.  That enabled me to put it in the Western Ohio Watercolor show where it won a ribbon...and hang it in my own house for another 2 months...

On to the next adventure in painting, right?  In a week, I will be in a workshop  Fred Graff AWS. NWS TWSA -  all organizations that I intend to belong to one day.  I've taken a Plein-air workshop with Fred - enjoyed it immensely!  Can't wait!!!

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