Monday, March 23, 2015

Painting flowers with Hake brushes

  I took a workshop recently with S Korean artist Buong-Kil Joung. He worked with wide Hake brushes, sweeping color onto the stretched watercolor paper and adding multiple layers to refine the shapes and colors.
  In his last demo, he did an exquisite painting of the 'lowly' yet intricately beautiful thistle. We all thought that he must surely have used miskit to retain the crisp whites of bristles. However, he showed us that he brushed in the main shape structure and continued to cut in with a succession of color to find the bristle shapes...negative painting.
It is inate for us to paint positively, not the shape around or in between the object. I am consciously trying to be more aware of the relationship of positive/negative space now...
  Here is my latest!
Flowers for today. WC....L Rudolf

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