Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Art show at the Winds Cafe - Thoughts onTeaching

May and June, I will host a show at the Winds Cafe in Yellow Springs for the months of May and June with friend and artist Pam Geisel.  We're working on a title...Color and Light - Brush and Needle.  Pam creates art quilts and I mainly work in watercolor.  I am musing, dreaming up my next paintings to include, exploring themes....

    I've been painting my whole life but concentrating on it for about 15 years.  Yesterday, I taught a private lesson and thoroughly enjoyed working with an artist to help her realize her vision.  So often, watercolor is difficult for artists because they fear to make a mistake.  They often use tiny amounts of paint and great quantities of water.
   There are certain skills that will help along the path to a successful painting such as wet-into-wet painting but paying attention to the timing and wetness of the paper....  If you don't have sufficient pigment on your brush, the color will simply disappear as it dries.  Of course you can continue to glaze or add layers.  I think I helped her paint more freely and wield the brush more assertively.

   I truly love to help inspire confidence, freeing people from inhibition of the creative process.  Here is a photo from a mini-workshop I taught last winter - helping people go wild w/color!  Joy  Joy Joy

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