Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Timothy Horn Oil Painting Workshop - mixing it up!

I've taken acrylic classes, mixed media, illustration, air brushing and pastel over the years.  I am totally addicted to painting watercolor BUT one must challenge oneself from time to time, break rules !!! and try other mediums.  
    The workshop with Timothy Horn was absolutely wonderful - a small group - outdoor painting sessions in beautiful bucolic places and....Tim painted such luscious works of art, even when the lighting wasn't ideal as the sun dipped under the clouds.  He was so generous with his time and talent, helping each of us with our own painting dilemmas.
    I have painted in oil but not for 3 years and it is quite a switch from watercolor.   I had to rethink the way I apply paint, working from thin to thick, light to dark...or is it dark to light?   It is an additive process, like watercolor - glazing but with thicker stuff.   It honestly felt like I was painting with butter sometimes.

Here are a few photos from the workshop here in YS, Ohio.  Tim was visiting from Marin County, CA.

Tim painting fields

Finished piece

the group moving painting equipment

the subject

the under-sketch

finished piece!

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