Monday, October 31, 2016

Fall Beauty - getting colors on my brush

Today - I WILL paint - so many things get in the way of laying out the paint and taking up the brush. My days get filled with walking and entertaining the puppy, caring for house and grounds, outside obligations.

but - I have to go to the kids Halloween Parade in town....and I have to walk the dog...and figure out a feast for the family this coming w.e. since we'll be scattered at Thanksgiving....walk the dog....take care of the church biz...walk the dog....did I say he's a very active dog?

AND - I will paint!

Here's a painting I made from our visit to St Croix a few years ago.  They had a big farmers market with the catch of the day pulled up onto the board and cut up for you into steaks....sooooooooo good.
I can still hear the chop of his knife slicing it up.

'Fish Monger' - watercolor on aquaboard

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

YS Open Studio Tours Oct 15,16

Traverse City-LRudolf

 Yellow Springs Open Studio Tour  Oct 15 and 16, 11-5pm

Knitting - LRudolf
  Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 15 & 16, I will have my home/studio open to all as part of the Yellow Springs Open Studio Tour!  I am ecstatic to be able to host this in my home once again.  Our artist community is truly fortunate to have the support of YS Arts Council and YS Chamber for the organization and co=ordination of this tour.                                     Many thanks to Nancy Mellon, Sara Gray, YS Arts Council and Karen and Alex at Chamber for getting this together----

  There are 34 artists represented in 24 studio tour stops.  I will have at least 50 paintings on display on the walls throughout the house and garden room as well as matted work for sale.  I'll have a demo area in the garden room - cactus area.  My 'studio' with all my supplies, matt cutter/framing area and sewing area is upstairs in the loft.  All are welcome to visit - I'll tell you about what drives me to create, my materials, my workflow, etc.

  My studio is #19 on the tour = at 3590 Grinnell Rd - down the hill next to the Grinnell Mill.  Please come visit - we'll have yummy snacks and will be serving wine after 3pm : )!

Hummer with Trumpets LRudolf

Friday, September 30, 2016

Ken DeWaard Oil Workshop with Ohio Plein Air Society

I just returned from an outstanding workshop with master painter Ken DeWaard, judge of the Ohio Plein Air competition in Bay Arts, OH near Cleveland.  I went up with a few friends and we visited the Cleveland Art Museum - Go there if you can!  We painted for 3 solid days rain or shine.  Ken did a demo on the porch of the gallery simply looking down at the bar area at the end - amazing how he transformed a chaotic scene into beauty.
explaining the layout, colors, etc.
painting his demo
Ken gave us a waterfall of information, explaining the complexities of creating a successful painting, referencing numerous artists who have influenced him and basically - overwhelming us with his mastery....  It was an honor to watch him paint.  When we worked on our own pieces that afternoon, he made sure to come discuss each person's work, what he saw needed yet to be done, etc.  
  Since I am primarily a watercolor painter, I still have a lot-to-learn when it comes to painting in oil.
I've been working in oils off and on for the last few months.  It helps of course to have been working out the composition/colors/values, etc for decades in watercolor and other mediums.  Half of the skills I need to build is managing the palate, keeping clean colors, learning layering techniques.  

   As I took this painting off the easel, it fell on my head!  You can see the lovely 'brush=work to the left on the rock.  You could say I'm wearing my colors - tee hee.   I need to figure out how to lighten my plein-air gear. Phew!  I feel that this is a good start - I'm going to subscribe to Plein Air magazine and keep going down this road.  I'll keep painting in watercolor too - my first love.  

Many thanks to Grama Lil for her painting box and encouragement as I grew up and to Sue who gave me brushes that are much higher quality than what I had to work with!

I have a piece in the OPAS 'Parks' Show currently at the Springfield Art Museum - Opening 10/15 AT 5:30~ come to the Open Studio Tour and then over to Springfield for this opening : ).

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Well - tonight is the big night!   Wish me well....I've been feeling a bit pulled in all directions Mostly because of our puppy!  This is going to be a wonderful event though - talking with all the sweet people who come out to see an artist's work, share their opinions, etc.  This show has many pieces that are landscapes, a few people.  I've arranged it by the honor the restaurant where they are hanging.  I do love setting up a show in a restaurant because then I have to go visit it for a least every couple of weeks!
   Next on the docket is an oil workshop with the Ohio Plein Air Society with Ken DeWard.  I'm looking forward to playing with a new medium, just for fun, exploring with art friends in upstate Ohio.  Perhaps I'll be showing oil and watercolor some day?

ttfn, I hope you get outside to enjoy these gorgeous autumn days...

Monday, July 18, 2016

Commissions, Plein Air Painting and upcoming shows...

    I am happily working on a commission to paint a lovely homestead in our region - watercolor.  I have got a bit done - hoping to finish it by early August!  Here's a beginning showing the miskit protecting the whites as I glaze the painting with layers of color.  

beginning of the WC
  In September, I will hang an exhibit in Springfield at a lovely spot - Seasons' Bistro and Grill on Limestone St downtown.  It will be there from Sept. 5 through mid December.    Artist Reception with tasty goodies, etc - Thursday, Sept. 22 from 5-7pm.   Come on over!

   Then, I will open up my home and studio to participate in the 'Open Studio Tour' in Yellow Springs and surrounds.  October 15 and 16, 10-5pm, 35 or so studios will welcome you to look about, see the art, talk with the artist, perhaps purchase a favorite to take home with you : ).  
Visitors will be guided on the free tour by a map which will show the studio locations, a description of work, etc.   It will be a busy fall, that's for sure!

Finally, I will be attending a workshop up in Cleveland with Ohio Plein Air Society to study oil painting with a group of friends...and meet new friends.  I can't wait!