Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Art First!

   There are so many things that keep me from g around with the computer, dog walking, house and town/gallery duties, etc.
   I want to share a quote from Wordsworth that helps me focus.  Here it is in a wee poster with a watercolor sketch I did in Janet Rogers workshop (Janet is awesome!).

Monday, January 30, 2017

Ohio Plein Air Show and W. OH Watercolor shows

    I'm so delighted to have a painting chosen to be in the Ohio Plein Air Exhibit at the Columbus Art Museum!  The show '2017 Best of OPAS' will be on exhibit March 3 until June 18, 2017.  Next up - submit art to Western Ohio Watercolor by 'Tomorrow'!!!

    This juried event will celebrate the plein air tradition by exhibiting and promoting an exclusive group of works painted outdoors in the true spirit of plein air painting. Our juror will select the finest plein air works from members of the Ohio Plein Air Society. We will celebrate at an opening on Thursday March 2, 6:00 –8:00 PM.   

   I'll be picking up my a painting from the Springfield Art Museum that has been in the OPAS 2016 show for about 3 months....very cool.   The painting on exhibit is the one on the right wasn't quite finished when I took the photo.  I painted it in Vermont.

painting with friends and pup in Springfield

paintings - on the rocks - of stream, etc....

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Watercolors at Wheat Penny until March!

Come visit my latest show at the Wheat Penny Oven and Bar - a bright, happy place with scrumptious food!   I will be there on Wednesday, Jan. 18 from 6-9ish to meet and greet for a 'Toast the Show' - just a come and BYOB : ).   I hope you can come!  There a several new pieces in the show.   Love every one of you that come to see my art!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

New Show at Wheat Penny in Dayton - Dec 18

Yellow Springs Coloring Page
Here's a coloring page for you of the town we live in - color it bright and happy for the season!

    I'm about to hang a show at Wheat Penny Restaurant on Wayne Ave.  They're open M-Sat for scrumptious pizza and a variety of creative tasty fare.  I love to hang my work in restaurants because it is such a good pairing - food and fine art - the restaurant gets new artwork regularly and artists have the opportunity to have their work out in new spaces.  We went to assess the space last night and I'll be bringing in some of my brightest pieces - they have lively colors on the walls.  
   I need to express my deep gratitude to each of you and the greater community for purchasing my artwork throughout this year.  This has been my busiest year - 5 shows - plus maintaining my exhibit at Village Artisans Gallery!  I loved opening my home for the Open Studio Tour.  I take part in a few painting groups as time allows and help gather local artist friends in a once-a-month group Monday Morning Artists - it helps to keep us creating.  Thanks to YS Arts Council for supporting artists!

  I also had the opportunity to study in workshops in WC and Oil via the Western Ohio Watercolor Society and the Ohio Plein Air Society.  I've got work in the show at the Springfield Art Museum OPAS show.  I hope to have work accepted into the WOWs exhibit in January.

   happy holidays -  Merry Christmas!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Fall Beauty - getting colors on my brush

Today - I WILL paint - so many things get in the way of laying out the paint and taking up the brush. My days get filled with walking and entertaining the puppy, caring for house and grounds, outside obligations.

but - I have to go to the kids Halloween Parade in town....and I have to walk the dog...and figure out a feast for the family this coming w.e. since we'll be scattered at Thanksgiving....walk the dog....take care of the church biz...walk the dog....did I say he's a very active dog?

AND - I will paint!

Here's a painting I made from our visit to St Croix a few years ago.  They had a big farmers market with the catch of the day pulled up onto the board and cut up for you into steaks....sooooooooo good.
I can still hear the chop of his knife slicing it up.

'Fish Monger' - watercolor on aquaboard