Thursday, September 22, 2016

Well - tonight is the big night!   Wish me well....I've been feeling a bit pulled in all directions Mostly because of our puppy!  This is going to be a wonderful event though - talking with all the sweet people who come out to see an artist's work, share their opinions, etc.  This show has many pieces that are landscapes, a few people.  I've arranged it by the honor the restaurant where they are hanging.  I do love setting up a show in a restaurant because then I have to go visit it for a least every couple of weeks!
   Next on the docket is an oil workshop with the Ohio Plein Air Society with Ken DeWard.  I'm looking forward to playing with a new medium, just for fun, exploring with art friends in upstate Ohio.  Perhaps I'll be showing oil and watercolor some day?

ttfn, I hope you get outside to enjoy these gorgeous autumn days...

Monday, July 18, 2016

Commissions, Plein Air Painting and upcoming shows...

    I am happily working on a commission to paint a lovely homestead in our region - watercolor.  I have got a bit done - hoping to finish it by early August!  Here's a beginning showing the miskit protecting the whites as I glaze the painting with layers of color.  

beginning of the WC
  In September, I will hang an exhibit in Springfield at a lovely spot - Seasons' Bistro and Grill on Limestone St downtown.  It will be there from Sept. 5 through mid December.    Artist Reception with tasty goodies, etc - Thursday, Sept. 22 from 5-7pm.   Come on over!

   Then, I will open up my home and studio to participate in the 'Open Studio Tour' in Yellow Springs and surrounds.  October 15 and 16, 10-5pm, 35 or so studios will welcome you to look about, see the art, talk with the artist, perhaps purchase a favorite to take home with you : ).  
Visitors will be guided on the free tour by a map which will show the studio locations, a description of work, etc.   It will be a busy fall, that's for sure!

Finally, I will be attending a workshop up in Cleveland with Ohio Plein Air Society to study oil painting with a group of friends...and meet new friends.  I can't wait!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Timothy Horn Oil Painting Workshop - mixing it up!

I've taken acrylic classes, mixed media, illustration, air brushing and pastel over the years.  I am totally addicted to painting watercolor BUT one must challenge oneself from time to time, break rules !!! and try other mediums.  
    The workshop with Timothy Horn was absolutely wonderful - a small group - outdoor painting sessions in beautiful bucolic places and....Tim painted such luscious works of art, even when the lighting wasn't ideal as the sun dipped under the clouds.  He was so generous with his time and talent, helping each of us with our own painting dilemmas.
    I have painted in oil but not for 3 years and it is quite a switch from watercolor.   I had to rethink the way I apply paint, working from thin to thick, light to dark...or is it dark to light?   It is an additive process, like watercolor - glazing but with thicker stuff.   It honestly felt like I was painting with butter sometimes.

Here are a few photos from the workshop here in YS, Ohio.  Tim was visiting from Marin County, CA.

Tim painting fields

Finished piece

the group moving painting equipment

the subject

the under-sketch

finished piece!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Color and Light - Brush and Needle at the Winds Cafe

I will have watercolor paintings and Pam will have her art quilts at the Winds Cafe in Yellow Springs.  It is a great place to hang an art exhibit - and wonderful spot to dine.  I am truly grateful to have the opportunity every other year to hang my work there....many thanks to Mary Kay and crew for their TLC!

 The Winds Cafe has a superb wine selection, local beers, etc  and a seasonal menu with old favorites always available.  

Hope you can come to see our joint art exhibit!  I'm debating whether to do a mini-workshop during the show some morning and winding up at the Winds for lunch!  will keep you posted... : )

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Art show at the Winds Cafe - Thoughts onTeaching

May and June, I will host a show at the Winds Cafe in Yellow Springs for the months of May and June with friend and artist Pam Geisel.  We're working on a title...Color and Light - Brush and Needle.  Pam creates art quilts and I mainly work in watercolor.  I am musing, dreaming up my next paintings to include, exploring themes....

    I've been painting my whole life but concentrating on it for about 15 years.  Yesterday, I taught a private lesson and thoroughly enjoyed working with an artist to help her realize her vision.  So often, watercolor is difficult for artists because they fear to make a mistake.  They often use tiny amounts of paint and great quantities of water.
   There are certain skills that will help along the path to a successful painting such as wet-into-wet painting but paying attention to the timing and wetness of the paper....  If you don't have sufficient pigment on your brush, the color will simply disappear as it dries.  Of course you can continue to glaze or add layers.  I think I helped her paint more freely and wield the brush more assertively.

   I truly love to help inspire confidence, freeing people from inhibition of the creative process.  Here is a photo from a mini-workshop I taught last winter - helping people go wild w/color!  Joy  Joy Joy