Thursday, April 5, 2018

A Family Affair - Libby Rudolf at YS Senior Ctr

Come see the show!

Now through April
I've got a lovely show up now that includes my artwork along with samples of my extended family's work too!  You can find Sculpture, Photography, Stained Glass, Embroidery, Oil, Woodwork, Watercolor, Irish Knitting and a wonderful PBL book that I made with the elementary kids and First Grade Teacher, Ellen Guest.  

It's a fun show - I sure hope that you get a chance to come visit!

xox to all art lovers, Libby

Friday, February 2, 2018

YS Community Foundation Show at the Winds Cafe

So very happy to have a piece accepted into the Yellow Springs Community Foundation currently showing at the Winds Cafe in the room off the entryway.  It is a lovely show!

You may see my photograph from the exhibit here:

There are about 30? photographs of places and beautiful views from the YS area.

There will be a reception on Sunday, Feb. 25 from 4:30-6pm.

Rudolf Libby - Frosty Morning at Antioch
Frosty Morning at Antioch - Libby Rudolf

Saturday, January 27, 2018

New Exhibit at the Senior Center - A FAMILY AFFAIR

'Yuba River'  Watercolor  16x20  $450
  Here is one of my watercolors that will be on display at the YS Senior Center on Main St from early March through the end of April.  There will be a reception on Friday, March 16....4-7, I think.  Should be fun!

  I'm putting together the exhibit with paintings, stained glass, woodwork, embroideries, handmade books and mixed media sculptures from my work and my family.  I'll have one of Dan's computer board designs.  I'll also have one of my Mom's beautiful handknit fisherman sweaters along with Sue's cool designs using dyed fabric, embroidery and various elements, Eric's wooden creations, Melanie's and Lilli's paintings and sculpture creations, etc.  It will be fun figuring out how to best display such a variety of artworks. oh dear... : ).

   I'll also have a hand-made book, Sunshine for Lunch that I did with MLS Elementary teacher Ellen Guest in 2013.  She helped the children raise vegetables and learn about how plants make energy and how that energy goes into us when we eat the soup we make from the veggies!  I did collage with the children for the pages of the book.  Then I took it home and assembled it into the a large book that will be at the Senior Center.  It was a wonderful project that I am so happy have in the show.

I hope that you can come visit the show and celebrate the creativity that runs through our lives, that keep us ticking, so to speak.

Keep Creating!    Artistically yours,  Libby

Friday, December 15, 2017

Merry Christmas to One and All!

Here's hoping that you have a joy-filled holiday season...

This has been a busy year - full of creating lots of ART, going to dynamic ART workshops, traveling far and wide (and painting on-site), experimenting with new ways of painting, etc.

The day usually starts with a romp with the dog who is very energetic!!! and needs a lot of walks.  Of course, that's good for me too.  If you sit/stand to paint, you have to balance it out with activity, right?

To help celebrate the holiday, I made a little illustrated poem about 'Lucky', our Border Collie.  Here you are!  It is on a website that hosts videos (though this is more of a slide show).  Enjoy : )

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Open Studios Yellow Springs

Open Studios Yellow Springs is coming up soon = October 21 and 22, 10-5pm each day.  Click the link to find out about 30 Artists who will be participating this year!   The website is all set now - please download a map and come on down the Grinnell Rd to visit!

I'll have new work as well as prints, cards, etc for you to look through.  I'll have my hopefully-cleaned-up Studio open for you to check out.  I would love to have you stop by to visit!  We'll have snacks, of course...something yummy I'll bake.

Here are a few pieces I'll have on the walls.

'Bright Waters' Watercolor 16x20"

'Covered Bridge' Watercolor 16x20"