Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Painting Keeps me Happy!

This time of social distancing has been a true challenge for artists...we create because it is in our blood, something we must do to stay sane and happy but...we also hope to sell a painting occasionally to somehow justify the enormous amount of time and energy we devote to our craft.  I have numerous other responsibilities and jobs, of course.  

The Airbnbs that I run bring in somewhat steady money and require attention.  But - I’ve made time every day to paint, to read about painting, to listen to podcasts about art, even to attend an online painting session with an artist whose work I admire - Vladislav fun.  

I am truly happy to have sold 2 pieced during COVID-19 and a huge batch of custom greeting cards.  I’ve had a friend ask to take watercolor lessons - we’ll figure out how to do that if it ever stops raining and we can do it outside!  I’ve been asked to donate a piece of art to the Yellow Springs Community Foundation - a wonderful organization that organizes many funds that help people, etc here in our town.  I’m happy to give a painting to them...

Please, world,  don’t ask me to donate all the time....sometimes, I feel like the ‘Crane Maiden’, a children’s story about a crane that gives back to the farmer who rescued her from a trap by turning into a woman, then pulling the feathers from her back to weave into cloth..for him to sell : ).
‘Primrose’ Watercolor - 24x18 $750 
This painting is in a show ‘Art to Uplift’ at the Winds Cafe thru 9/6/20

Birdies Dining - SOLD, watercolor

‘Island Vibe’  Watercolor  16x12 (20x16 framed) $350

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Costa Rica inspires vibrant artwork!

The colors are so saturated in the jungles, mountains and beaches of Costa Rica...we explored far and wide and stayed in 5 different areas of the country.  Of course, I took my watercolor materials but I had to squeeze in time to paint!  I are a few of the pieces I made there. 

Hanging out at the Beach - WC

Feeding bright birds - WC

I took boatloads of photos so I hope to make more paintings too.  We travelled with friends who also enjoy exploring the unique places of new territory, fun to find new adventures.  We just barely made it home before the COVID-19 very glad we did.  Yikes!

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Painting in Tuscany - such fun!

We just returned from a lovely trip to Umbria and Tuscany where we traveled by plane, train, bike and bus from Paris to Umbria to Siena (!) to Trequanda and Florence - what fun.  We first biked UP and down the huge hills with friends, fueled by croissants and lots of cappuccinos.  The food is so good that we were glad we were exerting ourselves with biking daily!

Then we finished up with a week at the Fattoria Del Colle, an agritourismo spot that produces exquisite wines.  The wined tasting was such fun, we learned a lot about the Donatella C. Colombini vineyard and Wine production.  Donatella started her wine business in 1988 on family lands owned since 1592.  When she sought a vintner/wine to oversee and produce her wines from the Wine Schools of Siena, they said they had none available, all the men had been hired already.  Donnatella thought about that, called back and asked if they had any women?  They replied that yes, they did have women she hired a woman and now produces wine with all women in the production areas.  Men do help in other capacities though : )...overseeing the vineyard and olive groves, etc. - a very fun place to stay, dine on wonderful food, sample wines.  I sold a painting to a couple visiting who saw me at work!  First International sale of artwork - happy happy joy joy -

Oh - and I was part of a Art Workshop there : ).  We painted daily with Yuki Hall and Diana Mara along with lots or touring to various towns and cities nearby.  Siena and Florence caputured our hearts.  Dan and I walked daily through the countryside and I made a few paintings, took way too many photos and will make more paintings, hopefully in time for the Open Studio Tour on Oct. 19 and 20!  I will have guest artist Pam Geisel with her Art Quilts. 

Please come visit my studio and the others in Yellow Springs!  It is a fun way to see how artists work and maybe pick up a painting or piece of artwork that captures your heart...

we got to bike in Paris and Italy!

Lovely countryside
First Painting in Italy - the Tuscan fields and mountains -

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Open Studio and Piqua Arts Council Exhibition

Busy, busy - I have 2 pieces in the new show, ‘Piqua Fine Art Exhibition’.  It is at the Apple Tree Gallery, 405 Main St in Piqua, Sept.6-27.  I’ll see it tonight...can’t wait!  If you are a plein-air painter, they are holding the ‘Arts and Ale Festival’ with a Plein Air Paint-out and Wet Paint Sale Sept 21.

Also coming up is the Open Studios Tour in Yellow Springs on Oct. 19 and 20 from 11-5 Saturday and Sunday.  My studio is on the tour with a plentitude of colorful watercolors.  I try to paint daily so I will have plenty of new work for you to see.  Also featured at my studio will be Pam Geisel who makes beautiful art quilts.  Here’s the link for the full info and map - Yellow Springs Open Studio Tour

And - ohboyohboyohboy!  I’m heading to Italy to paint with Yuki Hall in Tuscany and make new painting friends.  My husband is coming along too so we’ll be sure to check out the olive oil, cheeses, breads, wines, etc.  Here is ‘Vibrant Eggs’ in watercolor and fluid acrylic.  It was on display in the recent Tecumseh Land Trust exhibit.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Paint-Out in Yellow Springs OPAS - June 22!

I've organized a Plein Air Paint-Out here in Yellow Springs for all interested in joining us.  I attended the Ohio Plein-Air Annual meeting in April and they encouraged all of us to host (particularly someone in YS - hint - hint).  I found a friend to co-host it with me, Yuki Hall, a wonderful watercolorist whose work I adore.

All are invited to come on Saturday, June 22 between 9am-1pm.  We'll meet at the big stone church on Main St - First Presbyterian (314 Xenia Ave.) between 9-10 for snacks, reconnoitering, etc. then head out to paint the town.  I'll close up the church (plenty of spots for bathrooms in town) and we'll meet up again at 12:30 to share paintings/talk.  I'll close up the church again...folks are welcome to paint on their own, etc. : ).

Plenty of spots to paint - downtown, Antioch College, Glen Helen, along the Little Miami River, the Riding Center, etc.  Lots of barns in the area if you like farm scenes...come one come all

BTW, the town holds an Art Stroll Friday, June 21 from 6-9pm with gallery receptions, etc.  I'll be at Village Artisans Gallery for our reception of 'Pollinators', corner of Dayton and Corry Streets. please visit us!

Monarch to Be - Giclee print