Saturday, February 20, 2021

Yellow Springs Arts Council “Isolation Exhibit” is online


Walk Together through the Woods
  This is the piece I created when the call came out to create a piece in response to the current isolation caused by Covid restrictions, etc. by the Yellow Springs Arts Council for a virtual show. “Isolation Exhibit”.  Last night was the virtual reception by Zoom and it was a good experience. Holly Underwood hosted (with help from Tim and another Holly with technical aspects and questions).  I created this piece after yet another hike and coming out of the woods to a beautiful sunset.  

  If you look closely, you’ll see the family walking together through a tangled woods.  When I made this, the US was still embroiled in a divisive argument about vote legitimacy that tore families and friends apart and resulted in a riot at the Capitol building that caused even more torment. We are still reeling from dealing with Covid and the loss of friends to it, etc. 

  I spoke of how nature inspires my art-making, that I’m making more art than ever, painting every day. I’m exploring digital watercolor/drawing...mostly as a tool for drawing up designs for potential paintings. However, this piece says all that it needs to say as is, in it’s digital form. I printed it and the colors are accurate. I have it framed and ready to hang. $55.  I will put it at Village Artisans Gallery where I am a is open and is across the street from YS Arts Council!  

Thanks for reading and I hope that you go to the Virtual show.

Monday, November 30, 2020

Western Ohio Watercolor Show at Springfield Museum of Art

‘Winter Foraging’ won Third Prize!


Visit the Springfield Museum of Art to see the Western Ohio Watercolor Juried Show

46th Annual Members Show

Our juror for the show is Patrick Mauk, 

Carolyn Edsall -1st Place "Summer's End"  
Shirlee Bauer -2nd Place  "The Maine Line"
Libby Rudolf -3rd Place  "Winter Foraging" 😊

Honorable Mentions  
Diana Hoke "Swiss Living"
Yuki Hall "Charleston Rain" 
Rhonda Sloan "Killing Time" 

Title: “The Art of Watercolor”
Western Ohio Watercolor Society 46 Annual Members Show
Springfield Museum of Art
Show runs December 19, 2020 through April 11, 2021

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Art Making Abundantly!

 This year of semi-hibernation to keep safe has pushed me to make more art than ever. It is partly because I create to express the beauty of nature and oh-my-goodness, I’m taking more hikes than ever too.  Which inspire me to paint even’s a good cycle.  I’ve been painting outdoors quite a bit with art friends long as it’s not TOO cold.

I also make little cloth bird to sell at the Village Artisans Gallery for Christmas or...just to hang on a lamp or wherever.  Here are a few pix!

Stop by Village Artisans for more of my artwork or visit to see more of my work and my fellow artists’ creations!

Birches - I can make prints

Woodpecker and Birches - I can make prints

Costa Rica and Ladies Luncheon Watercolor

Cloth Birdies 

Zinnia (or Dahlia?) Watercolor

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Uplifted by Art and family, friends, community

It’s been awhile since I’ve written.  I paint daily (or at least think about painting) and sketch a lot. I’m so grateful to all who purchase art from live means that we can keep creating, knowing that someone, somewhere will smile to have our artwork on their wall.  I sure appreciate the Winds Cafe here in Yellow Springs for their efforts to keep art in the public domain...even during Covid.  I sold several pieces and was able to contribute a significant amount to Glen Helen Nature Preserve.

Off to hike and find a place to paint plein air before it gets too cold!

Stay well....
Horse painting


Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Painting Keeps me Happy!

This time of social distancing has been a true challenge for artists...we create because it is in our blood, something we must do to stay sane and happy but...we also hope to sell a painting occasionally to somehow justify the enormous amount of time and energy we devote to our craft.  I have numerous other responsibilities and jobs, of course.  

The Airbnbs that I run bring in somewhat steady money and require attention.  But - I’ve made time every day to paint, to read about painting, to listen to podcasts about art, even to attend an online painting session with an artist whose work I admire - Vladislav fun.  

I am truly happy to have sold 2 pieced during COVID-19 and a huge batch of custom greeting cards.  I’ve had a friend ask to take watercolor lessons - we’ll figure out how to do that if it ever stops raining and we can do it outside!  I’ve been asked to donate a piece of art to the Yellow Springs Community Foundation - a wonderful organization that organizes many funds that help people, etc here in our town.  I’m happy to give a painting to them...

Please, world,  don’t ask me to donate all the time....sometimes, I feel like the ‘Crane Maiden’, a children’s story about a crane that gives back to the farmer who rescued her from a trap by turning into a woman, then pulling the feathers from her back to weave into cloth..for him to sell : ).
‘Primrose’ Watercolor - 24x18 $750 
This painting is in a show ‘Art to Uplift’ at the Winds Cafe thru 9/6/20

Birdies Dining - SOLD, watercolor

‘Island Vibe’  Watercolor  16x12 (20x16 framed) $350