Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Goldsworthy Fun at School & YouTube

At the local Elementary School, I run an Arts "pull-out" for kids who test as being creative. We meet once a week to explore art ideas. I have the help of the Specialist teacher and other artists.
Today, we played outdoors Andy Goldsworthy-style. It was tremendous fun. We watched a short power point about Andy and a segment of Rivers and Tides, the movie about him, to get an idea of his motivations. Each child dove right in and started using found materials to create a natural sculpture or pictorial element. Here are a few photos.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Family Tree of the Rainbow

The book is available at the EcoMental in Yellow Springs, OH. It is the story drawn from the Maori heritage of Raymond Ruka, the author. I did the layout and illustrations. The cover art is by Tanya Ruka.
We did a story time at YS Library a few years ago - may be time to visit again... You can purchase our book at Eco Mental in YS, a lovely store on Main St - very green!