Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fealing Lin workshop

I attended the Western Ohio Watercolor Society workshop with Fealing Lin, an amazing artist. She did demos of her techniques of painting lovely sensitive portraits and also landscapes that have powerful shape, value and color interactions. It was a wonderful week - topped off meeting her and Misuk, a friend, to walk around Yellow Springs. She very much enjoyed the ambiance here, the lovely work (staff and cat too) in Bonadies, the friendly guy in the Asian shop in the brick place, etc. Here's a pic I did in the workshop and one of Fealing painting during the workshop.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fairborn Art Association

went to the Fairborn Art Assoc. meeting and saw a great presentation by an energetic artist named Clarice Moore. She's a violinist, violin teacher and self-taught visual artist who told us of her various endeavors. She's written and illustrated a book called Dilly the Violin and self-published it. She's a lot more agressive about the marketing thing than I am - sigh - I should get going on "The Family Tree of the Rainbow" again with Raymond...!

Meanwhile - painting, painting, painting...