Monday, October 31, 2011

Here's a treat for the day....finally got to use my stylus again so I can doodle digitally again (thanks resident computer guru!)
 not too fancy - got to spend some time w/paint today as well...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

roy g biv

We've decided to name the little finches Roy, G & Biv since they are so incredibly colorful...perhaps a future subject for a painting?  The birds were perfect welcoming hosts for our guests during the studio tour.....they stole the attention away from the art at times!
   Last night, I saw that the Dayton City Paper did a piece on us (thank you Lara!) and it features one of my pieces!  cool...
This piece is also in the Friends Care Rehabilitation Center - a framed print in the reception area.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Come to Studio 5 of the Yellow Springs Artist Tour!

Y.S. Artist Studio Tour 10-6pm, Oct 15-16

Studio 5 is ready to receive the world...we will exhibit in 4 spaces through-out the house at 3590 Grinnell Rd.  Please park along the roadside and in the parking areas by Grinnell Mill.  Lots of beautiful work, scrumptious homemade snacks and a lovely new room - the Cactus Cathedral on exhibit...
Libby Rudolf  - Watercolor paintings that endeavor to capture the natural beauty that surrounds us.
Libby Rudolf Paintings
Guustie Alvarado - Glass jewelry, blown glass, fused glass, cast glass and 2D mosaic, and fused glass wall hangings.
 Gusstie Alvarado Mosaics
Michele BonDurant - Landscape and still life paintings and drawings that capture the light of the particular moment.
Michell BonDurant Paintings
Dianne Collinson - Hand-built functional pottery with natural curves, organic forms and richly textured surfaces.
Dianne Collinson Pottery

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yellow Springs Arts: "Popcorn Girl" at Little Art#links

Yellow Springs Arts: "Popcorn Girl" at Little Art#links
The Yalloween Scarecrow for Little Art Theatre is up! Popcorn Girl is her name - she has popcorn she'll get lots of visits from her friends, the birds. She is made up of vintage reels from Little Art along with a popcorn cup skirt, coffee cup hairdoo, soda can eyes/mouth and lots of mix-up from the family winter bin.
  I also have artwork up in the lobby - I guess the show is extending into October - haven't heard anything about taking it down...