Monday, April 23, 2012

Painting up a storm

I just finished a 4 day workshop with the W.O.Watercolor Society in plein-aire with Andy Evansen and it was truly inspiring.  The whole gang came to our house one day to do value sketches and paintings around our property.  Several were inspired by our chickens, some strolled over to the riverside, etc.  Here are the value study and the painting, side-by-side.
Andy Evansen
  Andy did a beautiful watercolor of our shed (!) and a wheel barrow.  He is sending it to our family in gratitude for the day here - boy are we ever lucky!  Andy just won the Bronze award in the American Watercolor Society and had to shorten our workshop to attend the award ceremony in NYC....well deserved.  He is an amazing is a photo of him doing a demo of the mill as reflected in our little pond.

a demo


Christine Klinger said...

Thanks for the post, Libby. I met Andy when he came to check on 2 students who were drawing and painting on Kings Yard. He seems very nice. Glad you had a good experience.

Libby Rudolf said...

Thanks Christine, he sure was a great guy. We were very lucky with the weather too - it was great fun to have artists 'painting the town' far and wide.