Tuesday, June 19, 2012

'Exuberance' Show - paintings, quilts, workshops and more...

The show is doing well.  It will be up through Saturday, July 14.  I teach a workshop from 2-3p this coming saturday, June 23, from 2-3p on 'Watercolor Sketches'.  We'll have fun!

I checked out one of the members' blog and saw this bit of news....How awesome that Pam has quilts spread far and wide - in 6 shows?! 
  Two of them are in the Exuberance Show at the YS Arts Council space with our group, the Monday Morning Artists.  See Pam's stuff at For Quilts Sake

Here is a picture of the group - Y.S. Woodwind Quintet - that played at our opening. They performed beautiful music, despite the weather being in the mid-90s. 

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