Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rainbowpillars by Libby
Here is a wee illustration I made for fun years ago - hope it cheers your day.  I like to play on the computer at times, between paintings, using a stylus and wacom pad.  It is so easy to create, erase and recreate!  Sometimes, I look up and the hours have flown by without me 'accomplishing' much.  I should be doing marketing, painting, managing the house/garden/kids, etc...but I so enjoy making art.

I truly enjoyed teaching a workshop recently at the new Yellow Springs Arts Coucil space.  I had 12 participants and am leaning towards teaching again in the fall, after the kids are settled back in school.  I need to get to work on the plan now however, to secure space and get the word out.  I need to find a picture from the workshop to post. 
ttfn   Libby

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