Friday, December 6, 2013

Every year, I make up a Christmas card for my parents, gathering photos of all the family and endeavoring to put in something that speaks of our family customs for the season.  This year, I'll make a border of the wonderful little Mexican painted and decorated ornaments that Mom and Dad received from Gr. and Gr. Loomis in 1962-3.  That year, Mom was pregnant with my sister and couldn't make the trek down to Wash DC.  So....Gr brought Christmas to Michigan - a tin tree all decked out...and several ornaments that still decorate Mom's table each season.  
We have had a very difficult year - have lost loved ones, but yet - we rejoice and are thankful for the happy years we shared with them....

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

'Honey Biz' with border
UPDATE!  This painting won an 'Honorable Mention' award in the Western Ohio Watercolor Society show at the Springfield Museum of Art!  Wonderful!!!

Today is gloriously sunny here but still frosty - can I bear to take my paints outside long enough to do a watercolor?  I'd love to capture the misty sun on the fall trees...

Here you see 'Honey Biz' which sold recently in the Artist Studio Tour.  I think the colors might be popped a bit in this image.  I guess I'll have to do another version of the piece if I'd like to hang one in my home.  It is such a sweet agony to sell a piece that has captured my heart.  

I hope you get outside today to enjoy the fall in all it's glories before the gray skies encroach upon us... : )

Monday, September 16, 2013

Plein-Air Paint Out tomorrow! Come bring your paints and your creative self to 1 Presby at 9:30 and we'll go from there

 Come bring your paints and your creative self to the front of 1 Presby at 9:30 and we'll go from there... on tuesday, 9/17.    Anyway!  come paint - should be a bit chilly but FUN!

This shot was taken a few years ago at John Bryan State Park up the road - I wonder if this field of cosmos is blooming this year?  

See you there!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Reception at Fifth Third - Friday, 8/16 6-8pm

Artist's Reception Fifth Third Building 

@ 1 South Main St in Dayton -

Friday, August 16 6-8pm -

with light refreshments

Please park in their attached garage - free after we validate your ticket - parking garage is accessed off of Ludlow St.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - *

Hope you can come!   xox Libby    rsvp if you care to : ) 767-1068

Friday, July 26, 2013

Watercolor Paintings by Libby at Fifth-Third Building at 1 Main St, Dayton, OH - month of August

Hey you!  Come on down to Dayton to see a show of my recent watercolors in the lobby and upstairs at 1 Main St, Dayton OHIO  Fifth/Third building.  They have a parking lot below and you can get your tkt stamped so it's free.

I'll have paintings there through the month of August...I'm having a sharing night on: 

Friday, August 16 - 6-8pm@1Main St.   

I'd love to hang out with you downtown - I was planning on getting folks to bring a bottle of wine to share but they say that I must provide the you do happen to want to contribute : ), bring it to my house so I can bring it.  I'll provide the eats...maybe even some music?  

Here's a painting that's still getting it's frame but you'll see it on the walls : )


Monday, June 17, 2013

Tie Dye Fun

Had a lot of fun organizing a Tie-Dye picnic project and doing tie-dyes with 1Presby families this sunday - we had hoped to do it outside on my yard but into the garage we sallied.  I had cleaned it scrupiously the day before (gave the cleaning as a present to Dan for Father's Day).  We all came out as colorful as our shirts.  Melanie asked me to do a sheet so we now have custom-created linens too...

Here are some photos of the process and results. 

working on dying tees,etc

I hope that everyone wears their tees next week!  Wish we'd done it a week earlier so we could have worn them for the rainbow week-end here in Yellow Springs....ah well - next year.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Workshop fun and Yellow Springs Art Stoll this coming Friday!

Had an absolute blast painting with Fred Graff and 14 others this week.  We  did all sorts of exercises to help us think outside the box or should I say, design a better box?

We painted on illustration board, w.c. paper, yupo, etc, experimenting...One of the best things was the way he worked with each artist to help them 'see' a better way to design their values, composition & colors.

 Fred also held 2 group critique sessions where he spoke about each piece - the strengths and weaknesses of it.  He inspired confidence in his critiques, no derision or belittling.  He gave inside secrets about getting into shows, framing, etc. 

One of our homework assignments was to create a composition with a styrofoam coffee cup in black and white that features the coffee cup.  We turned them in and he spoke to the dynamicds of each persons piece.  He then assigned the same for the next night.

 Here is what I came up with....Fred had to turn it around a few time to 'see' what it was.  Hope you can see it right away.  he liked it.

I have a piece in the 'Would You, Could You' gallery in Yellow Springs in their Miniature Show.  I hope you can come by during the opening on June 14!  There will lots of art-happenings in YS then.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Project Based Learning - Art collaboration in the schools

This is the cover of the book "Sunshine for Lunch" that I collaborated on with first grade teacher Ellen Guest at Mills Lawn Elementary.  I went into the classroom with materials and images for the children to use to design their book.

Ellen and I helped them figure out a theme for each page of the book.  The students then painted watercolors on a 4x4 paper.  I photographed the paintings to duplicate for the actual book so that the students could have the originals.

The students also were guided to create torn-paper collages as a group activity.  2-3 students made various elements which came together to form the central image.  The 'kids' that they made are simply delightful.  See below.  Here is a photo of the first page.  I assembled everything into a large book, 12x16, with hand-made cover and binding.  I photographed each page and made a smaller version to duplicate.  Each child will receive their own book.  They can take their watercolor paintings and glue them into their own book!
Principal Matt Housh allowed us to use his printer for the work of copying.  Amy Minehart held an art class to help the students make home-made paper which incorporated seeds and petals.  The students took some home to their families and some was used to construct the 'big' book.Yellow Springs Arts Council helped along with numerous parents and community members.
page 1
working notes
Here are working notes for design ideas, things the students want to have in the book, themes, etc.  

Here are the beautiful 'kids' the students made.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Philosophy on Pricing and Selling Art

I am in a group show in Worthington, OH at the invitation of Christopher Leeper - a multi talented painter, workshop instructor and art enthusiast (also head of Ohio Watercolor Society) The show opens this Sunday, May 4.  Reception is 2-4 at the High Road Gallery- if you're free - come on down! It is located at 12 E Stafford Ave in Worthington, just off High St. and across from the Library. - a beautiful gallery!

                                            -The Painters - Chris Leeper and Students-

Here is my painting "Grandmother" on exhibit with other's work at the gallery.
   Chris Leeper asked us to write about how we advertize, sell and price our artwork.  So - here goes -

 I've been selling my paintings for about 8-9 years. I started by putting work in group shows of art organizations I belong to. I didn't sell very many to begin with but sales have increased over the years. I have brought together an art group that meets once a month (Monday Morning Artist) and have organized group exhibits locally. That helped to boost our recognition in the area as artists. Then I started to put my work in art shows - local only so far. By far the greatest sales I have experienced were when I exhibited my paintings in our home during an 'Artist Studio Tour' here in Yellow Springs. Exhibits in local fine restaurants have also been very worthwhile. In August, I will have a solo exhibit at the Fifth/Third Bank lobby in downtown Dayton. We shall see if it is fruitful but it is nevertheless exciting to have my work displayed there.

I have entered work in completions such as the Artist's Magazine watermedia but often lose track of the submission deadlines and miss out on opportunities! The fees for entering these competitions can be daunting as well but I should be more diligent and endeavor to acquire signature status in the Ohio Watercolor Society, etc. to truly become professional. Teaching classes/workshops in the local schools and Arts Council is helpful for my growth and local recognition.

As far as pricing, I started out very reasonably priced, say $100 for a 16x20 painting. I have attended several workshops, with you and others, that have boosted my painting skills and confidence. As my style of painting has matured and I have won some little prizes, I have increased my prices to more realistically reflect the time, materials and energy required to create a successful painting. I have a relatively standard price structure now, based on the medium and size of the piece. I mostly paint in watercolor but occasionally do mixed media and acrylic. I will continue to explore and learn new methods/materials.

I do have a blog though it mostly gets attention from people selling stuff in India (!) - If you actually read this and you are real!!!! - please respond.   thanks! Libby

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring WILL come, blossoms and all...

I recently brought out a painting that had been hiding in my portfolio case, perhaps hibernating?  This has been a long grey winter...The painting pulled on my heartstrings - asking to re-bloom anew in a frame.  Since I was about to participate in a art show, I decided to frame it up.  I hung it along with many other pieces, fabric birds that I've created, cards etc.  The show was fun, lots of beautiful work and friends were exhibiting also so - rather enjoyable.  However - I had no sales...not even a card!
Blossoms - 16x20  watercolor
Late in the day (it was only a 3 hour show : ), a friend looked at this painting and claimed it for her own.  It was my one and only sale for the day and yet it made the show worthwhile!  Thank you my friend.  Thank you little blossoms for inspiring the painting that gave me income to go get more art supplies!  and thus the cycle continues...

winter to spring, dormancy to bloom.............sales to new supplies!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

More CollageWork for the 1st grade book

collage of the vegetable garden- first graders
We continue to work on our "Sunshine" book.This is for page 3... next comes a flower in conversation with the sun.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Collage Fun with First Graders

kids doing great work with torn paper collage
   I've started working with a first grade class in the local elementary at the invitation of their very creative teacher.  We talked over her idea of helping her students make a book that focuses on the energy they get from the vegetable soup they made and enjoyed last fall.  We like the idea of helping them design the book, using their understanding of the food chain, based on the chain of energy from food, from the sun, etc. 

  I am helping with the hands-on part of providing the layout, inspiration, instruction on torn paper collage, watercolor sketches for the surrounds of the pages, etc.  This is our first set of collages - very nice, I think.

  We have a few more items to add to this page, including the words they'll help write.  Then I'll glue everything up and together we'll make a great big book!  It incorporates both science and art!

more to come.....


Monday, February 4, 2013

Collaging and Collecting..

I have begun collage painting anew since I signed up to lead a book project at the local elementary.. The book will be all about the way we get energy from the foods we grow in a garden, etc  - should be fun. I need to figure out how to get 19 first graders to do components of each page together - it'll work out.

"the world came to Haiti's side to help"
collage by Libby Rudolf

   Here's a piece I created for the YS Arts Council show 'Art For Change'. In 2011, when Haiti was struck by an earthquake , I held a tie-dye sock making to raise funds...aeveral local shops sold our socks and we raised about $400. Maybe you can see the tiny spirits..surrounding the island with loving care. Look closely. The piece will be on exhibit at YS Arts Council with opening gala on 2/15.

   Here too is a photo of fabrics my generous friend Yuki brought to give away during our ourgathering..Monday Morning Artists. I immediately called my quilting friends...who rushed in to collect!  Pam Geisel was already planning to come.  Yuki hand dyed these cottons and also offered art quilting books.  She will bring more to the Fairborn Art Association meeting tomorrow...looking forward to it!

Monday, January 7, 2013

creating together inspires

Monday Morning Artists

viewing a Chihuli exhibit...
I met today with artist friends to work on our respective projects - about 10 gathered.  I played with my chinese inks and rice paper - painted a nude and a friend's face.   As I looked around the table, I saw such a variety of beautiful souls - knitting, painting in watercolors, pastels, colored pencils, oil paints, one organized bits and pieces of photos that inspire into a notebook - we all talked of art and life.  My friend Moira came simply because I saw a wonderful knitting she posted on facebook - I texted to come on down to our gathering.  sweet

Most happily, one of the artists has wall that she will loan me for an upcoming show!  I hope that I can give her something she will appreciate, in gratitude.

The world is giving, yet it takes away as well...carry on
and expect joy around the corner.