Thursday, February 28, 2013

Collage Fun with First Graders

kids doing great work with torn paper collage
   I've started working with a first grade class in the local elementary at the invitation of their very creative teacher.  We talked over her idea of helping her students make a book that focuses on the energy they get from the vegetable soup they made and enjoyed last fall.  We like the idea of helping them design the book, using their understanding of the food chain, based on the chain of energy from food, from the sun, etc. 

  I am helping with the hands-on part of providing the layout, inspiration, instruction on torn paper collage, watercolor sketches for the surrounds of the pages, etc.  This is our first set of collages - very nice, I think.

  We have a few more items to add to this page, including the words they'll help write.  Then I'll glue everything up and together we'll make a great big book!  It incorporates both science and art!

more to come.....


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