Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Project Based Learning - Art collaboration in the schools

This is the cover of the book "Sunshine for Lunch" that I collaborated on with first grade teacher Ellen Guest at Mills Lawn Elementary.  I went into the classroom with materials and images for the children to use to design their book.

Ellen and I helped them figure out a theme for each page of the book.  The students then painted watercolors on a 4x4 paper.  I photographed the paintings to duplicate for the actual book so that the students could have the originals.

The students also were guided to create torn-paper collages as a group activity.  2-3 students made various elements which came together to form the central image.  The 'kids' that they made are simply delightful.  See below.  Here is a photo of the first page.  I assembled everything into a large book, 12x16, with hand-made cover and binding.  I photographed each page and made a smaller version to duplicate.  Each child will receive their own book.  They can take their watercolor paintings and glue them into their own book!
Principal Matt Housh allowed us to use his printer for the work of copying.  Amy Minehart held an art class to help the students make home-made paper which incorporated seeds and petals.  The students took some home to their families and some was used to construct the 'big' book.Yellow Springs Arts Council helped along with numerous parents and community members.
page 1
working notes
Here are working notes for design ideas, things the students want to have in the book, themes, etc.  

Here are the beautiful 'kids' the students made.

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