Friday, June 7, 2013

Workshop fun and Yellow Springs Art Stoll this coming Friday!

Had an absolute blast painting with Fred Graff and 14 others this week.  We  did all sorts of exercises to help us think outside the box or should I say, design a better box?

We painted on illustration board, w.c. paper, yupo, etc, experimenting...One of the best things was the way he worked with each artist to help them 'see' a better way to design their values, composition & colors.

 Fred also held 2 group critique sessions where he spoke about each piece - the strengths and weaknesses of it.  He inspired confidence in his critiques, no derision or belittling.  He gave inside secrets about getting into shows, framing, etc. 

One of our homework assignments was to create a composition with a styrofoam coffee cup in black and white that features the coffee cup.  We turned them in and he spoke to the dynamicds of each persons piece.  He then assigned the same for the next night.

 Here is what I came up with....Fred had to turn it around a few time to 'see' what it was.  Hope you can see it right away.  he liked it.

I have a piece in the 'Would You, Could You' gallery in Yellow Springs in their Miniature Show.  I hope you can come by during the opening on June 14!  There will lots of art-happenings in YS then.

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