Monday, December 1, 2014

Holiday cards on the road...

As we traveled the long trail back from family gathering for Thanksgiving, I created new designs for the upcoming Christmas season. I frequently bring WAY too much stuff to create with... so, this time, I was more selective. I simply brought my watercolors, card stock and pens. It's  quite fun to do simple sketches and embellishments. This is a small selection of my'roadwork' cards...

I'll be bringing the completed cards down to the shop - Village Artisans - in Yellow Springs so come pick your favorite!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Energy Medicine book Opening - this Sunday!

I worked with a lovely lady here in Yellow Springs to illustrate her book "Keep Movin' Your Energy for Body, Mind and Spirit" this past year about energy medicine.  It is published (!) and Pat is holding an Open House this Sunday, Oct. 19 at her home.  She says it will be a meet/greet/dance/drum/fun event.  If you'd like to join the fun, give me a call and I'll give you more info...

I CAN NOT WAIT to see the book!  Jane Baker, layout lady extrordinaire organized and produced the book.  Many locals are included in photos and 'how-tos'.

Here's the illustration that I did for the front cover.....

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Can a Caricature help with Portrait Painting?

I'd like to share a blog I subscribe to (Artist Daily) that had a wonderful essay about caricature drawing, etc.  I'm not promoting the site, just sharing it.   I sent this to Sue Brezine who helped Dora Lawson recruit artists for the Fairborn Art Association exhibit now up through September -  "Not your Pretty Portrait Show" .


Unexpected Approaches to Portrait Painting
ARTIST DAILY August 13,  2014
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Can a Caricature Help My Portrait Painting?

The Grimaces by Louis-Leopold Boilly, 1823, lithograph, 13 1/8
The Grimaces by Louis-Leopold Boilly, 1823,
lithograph, 13 1/8 x 10.


Awhile ago I was in the Met and saw "Infinite Jest," an exhibition of drawings and prints that explore satire and caricature from the Italian Renaissance to the present. I enjoyed the show, walking around and chuckling at several of the drawings, but nothing really spoke to me, and yet weeks later the images from the show are popping into my head as if I had seen them just this morning.

I've been puzzling over why that could be and came to the conclusion that even though caricature is a completely different category of portraiture, it uses the same strategies that can make fine art portrait painting and portrait drawings memorable.

At its most essential, a caricature is an exaggeration or distortion of a person's physical characteristics, but it is still a study of a person's physicality. We've all seen the boardwalk artists at the beach who draw quick caricature sketches in a handful of minutes. The artist gets the shape of the face and accentuates two or three physical features of the sitter and voila, a caricature.

Caricature of a Woman in a Large Hat by Enrico Caruso, 1920, 14
  Senator Dolph of Oregon by Thomas Nast, 1894, pencil drawing wi
Caricature of a Woman in a Large Hat
by Enrico Caruso,
1920, 14 x 20,
pencil drawing.
Senator Dolph of Oregon
by Thomas Nast,
1894, pencil drawing with ink,
13 1/2 x 10 1/4.


Although fine art portraiture takes longer to create, a portrait painter still uses the same approach. First, it is essential to get the shape of the head right. This is a crucial step because it determines how the head sits on the neck and leads into the torso, and how the features sit on the face. Think of how you are able to recognize a friend or acquaintance from across the street. The same rule applies for a portrait; the sitter will be recognized first from their big ol' noggin.

With a caricature, the artist will usually exaggerate a person's features�eyes, lips, chin, ears, or hair, even freckles or big eyelashes. It always varies, but usually the artist doesn't emphasize everything and only select one or two features for the biggest impact. Fine art portrait artists should work in the same way. Not in terms of exaggerating the size or proportion of a person's features, but drawing attention to certain aspects of a person with color, light and shadow, and strokes.

For me, looking at a model and first thinking of how I'd draw their caricature can really open up my mind to what I'd showcase in their portrait. And, just like the caricatures that stood out in my mind weeks after I'd seen them, a portrait that visually "heightens" certain aspects of a person's looks will certainly stand out from the crowd. For more on what goes into painting an excellent portrait and how to capture a person's likeness, Alain Picard's Successful Pastel Portraits Value Pack is a great all-in-one resource. Enjoy!


Online Editor, Artist Daily

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Maya Angelou - so inspiring

Maya, you came through so much in your lifetime....yet it only made you stronger.  You took pain, anger and grief and turned it into an incredible outpouring of your indomitable spirit.  You told stories that "shouldn't be told (CNN)" and thereby brought so much to light.  You entreat us to rise above hate and seek to "be the rainbow in someone's cloud".

I think I need to read more of your words, see your movies, know you better now that you have least I knew you through I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings but I have a lot to yet discover.

Monday, May 19, 2014

WOW! a prize in the Spring show!

Western Ohio Watercolor Society has a juried show hanging now through May 31 at the Town and Country Fine Art Center at Town and Country Sopping Center in Kettering.  I am most fortunate to have a painting chosen for third place in Transparent catagoy!  Thanks so much to Billie, Yuki, Sharon, Toni and all who help the organization thrive!

I am so very happy....I finished this piece to put into the W.O.W.s exhibit.  It is inspired by the visit I made with our daughter to Warren Wilson College near Asheville, NC while we were researching colleges.

Asheville Spring by Libby Rudolf - $400.00

Friday, May 9, 2014

Feeling Peachy after a week of workshop with Fred Graff!

      I just finished a 4 day workshop under the direction of Fred Graff who is an extraordinary teacher - pushing us at whatever level we came in with - to think of our paintings as more of design of shapes, values, colors rather than simply focusing on the subject.  I have taken a workshop with him before and knew many of the ways he would drive us to push beyond where we are - that's why we're there, right?   I loved painting on YUPO, a plastic 'paper' that allows incredibly free drips, washes, splatters, etc.

I painted this little piece - though I will probably still do a bit the very last bit of time at the end of the workshop - love it!

Just Peachy!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Winds Cafe - Watercolors: Color and Light

Twenty percent of the proceeds from any sales of paintings in my Winds Cafe exhibit Watercolors:Color and Light will go to Dayton Children's Hospital in honor of Vanessa and all others who fight cancer.  The show will be up through May, hope you can come by!


Here's a photo my buddy Theresa took of me setting up the sign for the reception- which was packed by the way.  So many people to talk to, such good wine at the Winds, etc.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fred Graff Workshop and farewell to Honey Biz

almost finished painting - 'Blooms in the Sun'
The Winds show is up through May 2014!  I will be swapping out paintings occasionally as they sell or when I finish one I'd like to share.  The piece above is now the Fairborn Art Association show, hanging through May 19.

I'm working on new pieces- mostly drawing from my archives of photos...Last night, I 'surrendered' the painting "Honey Biz" to it's new owner.  I know he will treasure it but I miss it already.  He bought it on layaway - a monthly payment.  That enabled me to put it in the Western Ohio Watercolor show where it won a ribbon...and hang it in my own house for another 2 months...

On to the next adventure in painting, right?  In a week, I will be in a workshop  Fred Graff AWS. NWS TWSA -  all organizations that I intend to belong to one day.  I've taken a Plein-air workshop with Fred - enjoyed it immensely!  Can't wait!!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Little Miami - 30x30  $600.00    SOLD!

Reception this Sunday for the exhibition - hoping the weather is fine and folks will be strolling in, hungry for a watercolor filled with color/light....and for the cookies I'm baking right this moment!  

Yipes - time to pull them out...

Reception at the Winds Cafe in 
Yellow Springs,OH
Sunday, March 30        4-6pm

Come make a flower for the group collage in honor of Vanessa and those who are or have fought cancer...

'Garden of Hope' invitational collage

Friday, March 21, 2014

Winds Cafe - 'Watercolors - Color and Light

March through April of 2014 - Now up through May 2014 

  an exhibit of 47 watercolors and mixed media - dedicated to Vanessa.  There is also a collage of flowers people are making and donating in honor of one who is or has fought cancer.  20% of art sales will go to Dayton Children's Hospital.

RECEPTION:  Sunday, March 30, 2014 at the Winds Cafe - 4-6pm

Please come see the exhibit!   I'm baking like crazy getting ready!
'Daff-0-Down Dilly'  before the framing
$300.00   16x20 framed - sold

Friday, March 14, 2014

How to create a card that elicits the enormous love we wish to express from afar for our 'little' girl who is turning 18 - in France?  I'm sure she will be surrounded by fun and exciting meals, activities, friends...she will celebrate with a cake, perhaps...un gateau d'anniversaire?

Here's a wee digital drawing scattered throughout with hearts and flowers...what I truly want to do is hug her and kiss her cheek - wish her well as she enters the double bind of being an adult-freedom and responsibility

 Keep your love of life and all things joyful - keep your inner child alive...

Monday, February 17, 2014

Watercolors - Color and Light

I am in the midst of framing up my work for an exhibit at the Winds Cafe in Yellow Springs - and cutting up my fingers which interferes with a pristine matt, etc - oh la vache....But - I will persevere

  So many people have contributed flowers to the collaborative canvas - Garden of Hope - that will hang in the exhibit.  Some send tiny notes about who they are dedicating their flower to, some write on the back, some send it simply with love.  The flowers each represent someone else who has fought cancer.  The overall project is dedicated to Vanessa.  A few of Vanessa's art pieces will hang at the Winds also.  I will give 20 percent of art sales to Dayton Children's Hospital and all donations if people contribute with their flower, etc. Send me a flower if you wish or make one at the reception.

'Watercolors - Color and Light' - Libby Rudolf  
will hang at the Winds Cafe in YS March 11 through April.

Reception - Sunday, March 30, 4-6pm.  Hope you can come!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Heaven and Earth - 20x26
Here is a painting inspired by my sister-in-law Vanessa, who must be in Heaven, I am certain.  I did a pour with watercolors, then saw an angel shape in the middle area which I enhanced with collaged papers, tissues, flower petals and mica-stone flakes.   It is a bit different from anything I have ever created.  I guess you would call it a mixed-media piece.  

hope you like it...

Carpe Diem               Libby