Friday, January 15, 2016

Dayton City Paper - 'There's something in the Watercolor'

Dayton City Paper's writer Lisa Bennet wrote up a splendid article on me and my life/work.
I hope it inspires you to stop by the Y S Brewery or Village Artisans in Yellow Springs to see my work.
Golden Harvest (Honey Biz II)

Click here to see the article...   Dayton City Paper article

Saturday, January 2, 2016

YS Brewery ColorfuLibby - Watercolors for CFI Art Reception..Full of AWESOME People!

YS Brewery Art Reception Dec 30-2015

Had a wonderful time talking with so many AWESOME people who came out to see my show!!! and munch on M. Brown's declisioso snacks, sip brews from YS Brewery....and maybe a bunch of folks who were  actually there just to grade papers or get into the Ramen Food Truck line : )....

Thank you so much, Mary Nally (director of Community Food Initiatives) for coming from Athens
Lisa Wolters and crew who took such good care of us all and helped w/set-up, snacks, sales
my family for supporting me in getting this whole thing set up during such a busy time of year
Yellow Springs Arts Council for their promo/help with frames
Yellow Springs News - ads, etc
You all for coming out!