Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Art House Hop!

  We hosted as one of the 'Art Houses' on the Art House Hop fundraising for Yellow Springs Arts Council a few weeks ago.  It was a wonderful event - wish that we'd been able to go visit the other homes on the tour but we were too busy escorting people around, chatting about paintings, sculptures, etc.  It feels right to support the Arts Council - they support artists by hosting rotating exhibits in the gallery, putting on various events and hosting the YS Studio Tour.
   We have a collection ranging from oil/watercolor/acrylic paintings to clay mosaics, carved wooden fishes and sculptures along with a few pieces of the beautiful artwork our children created. Of course, since I'm a painter, there are a lot of my pieces throughout the house.  People also enjoyed visiting our pet frog, SeeMore (Eatmore) in the garden room.  Seemore enjoys living in his stone pool on a pedestal surrounded by blooming bouganvillia, orchids, etc.  The room gets toasty in the summer but has ventilation = it's especially wonderful when the weather cools down in autumn and winter.  Wherever we travel, I seek out others art (around home too) because it often inspires me to keep creating.  YS Arts Council helps to keep YS Art-Full.

Sculptured pot - K. Seidl
beside bouganvillia and hoya coming down from above

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