Artwork by Libby

Please contact me to purchase one of these paintings or reproductions...
Check my calendar to see if I have upcoming exhibits, solo or group...

 I have paintings, prints, cards & hand-crafted items at Village Artisans  
an Artist Co-op on the corner of Corry and Dayton YS Dr in Yellow Springs, OH 
Stop by 7 days a week!

A Selection of Paintings 
many more available that I haven't put on this site...Ask to visit
my studio. I can also order reproductions for you...

'Azaleas' - Watercolor 16x20 -  $350

Morning Stroll = 11x14 = $250.00 framed wc on canvas

Untamed Flowers - SOLD

Mills Park Hotel  $850.00   20x28  Watercolor - SOLD!

'Spring Couple' - 17x20 framed WC on Aquaboard  $450

'JUMP SWEETY!'  watercolor
15x13 framed

'Early Spring'  14x18 framed watercolor

'Discussing the Weather'  14x18
framed watercolor - Sold

'Winter's Last Stand'  16x20
framedwatercolor - $500

'Island Waves' WC -  22 x 30 - sold

'Ashville Spring' - an award winner in Western Ohio Watercolor 2013
$550.00       16x20 framed

'Path of Fall Flowers' watercolor - $450  16x20  
Exhibited@Winds Cafe - 25/25 Exhibit to benefit Tecumseh Land Trust

Owlets - 18x24  watercolor  $550.00

'Birds Eye View' - 16x20 watercolor  $400.00                                                                  

'Grandmother' - Honorable mention in W.O.W.s show  -  NFS
Butterfly Dance - 18x24 watercolor   $400

'Yosemite' - watercolor 22x30  framed - $650

Grinnell Mill - sold - Giclee  available - $200

'Tree in the Light'- 12x16 - watercolor - Matted Giclee 16x20 available - $200

                                               'Organic Endeavor' - 16x20 framed - $350           

                                'Ann's Poppy Garden' - 16x20  watercolor -Matted Giclee available - $200

Yuba River -  16x20  watercolor  Matted Giclee available for $200.00  

Fall Glories - 12x16 watercolor - sold - prints available
See this at the Friends Care Rehab Center - Matted Giclee for $200.00     

Barefoot in the Sunflowers - sold - 10x14 Matted Giclee available - $150

Lunar Dance - Sold - 12x16 Matted Giclee available - $200
now owned by an Antioch Photography Professor

Sunlit Porch - watercolor plein-aire, 12x16 - Matted Giclee available - $200

Sycamore Sun - designed for the Winter Solstice show - sold - Matted Giclee available

A Walk in the Woods - sold
Collection of Friends Care Rehab Center in Y.S.

'Collage of Flowers' 
 Friends donated their flowers
to honor Vanessa Simms
and all others who fight cancer
now hanging at Children's Hospital in Dayton
since May 2014